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More than a Planner, It's a Proven Process

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Practical is Magical

Never underestimate the power of being intentional.

Staying focused on what matters most is a creative force

that isn't just life-changing, it's world-changing.

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"I tell every small business owner that I meet about Accountability Works. Clarifying what actions need to be done to move forward as well as being held accountable for those actions is life changing."

Katey Blehm

So, highly recommend it, highly advocate it, and highly love it!
Thank you Ali and Marissa. What a great program!

Jill Thiry

I have a real need to know that I’m making progress. In the past by just writing down my goals, I wasn’t very good at accomplishing them. When I set out a time to specifically focus on that, I get a lot more accomplished. Accountability is an act of mindfulness.

Dr. Justin Scott

Accountability Works.

Accountability Works is a coaching, training and planning company focused on delivering bold, mindful accountability for your most important goals and bravest vision.

With over ten years of experience in using accountability as a tool for completion and consistency, we know that it makes all the difference. We offer planners, planning sessions, small group and private coaching. Our clients span all walks of life, professions and cultures with the common thread that they have come to a point where a lack of commitment and consistent action are holding them back. We provide them with structure and an easy to follow process that works.

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